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Woking - A Blog Devoted to Our Town

“Why would a school create a blog about the local town?” we hear you ask. Well, we know that many people look to move to Woking from London or other parts of the country because of its excellent transport links, but we also know that Woking doesn’t exactly have the best rep when comes to English suburban idylls (if you haven’t been, we don’t often make it onto Surrey’s tea towel selection). Most of the staff at Greenfield are Woking born and bred and we think this makes us the ideal people to put forward Woking’s better qualities. We hope you enjoy.

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  • Woking - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    Published 31/05/19, by Alice Pepe

    It is no secret that the centre of Woking is somewhat lacking compared to the historical architecture and cobbled high street of its neighbouring Guildford. Very much an urban setting, Woking has lacked a bit of identity in recent years. However, the town is in the midst of huge renovations, including three enormous towers that have impacted the skyline in a big way. Whilst some people think this is a shame, we are pleased to see that Woking is finally standing up proud and saying “I am what I am”.

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  • Is Woking Right for Me and My Family?

    Published 31/05/19, by Alice Pepe

    Are you moving to Woking?

    Great news! If you are moving to Woking we are your one stop shop for getting set up and settled in. Why, we hear you ask? Well, where do we begin? Our school has been in the town for more than 80 years and our staff are largely born and bred. This means we know what's what about Woking and we are here to share our expertise with you.

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