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The staff at Greenfield School have joined us from many walks of life. Their varied passions, talents and education make for a diverse body of professionals all working to provide the best possible education for our pupils.

All our staff are invited to contribute to the Greenfield blog. We hope you enjoy reading their articles.

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  • 10 Ways That Greenfield Connects With Its Community

    Published 25/04/22

    How does Greenfield School build and uphold its close community? Here are 10 ways that we connect with each other throughout the school year.

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  • 5 Reasons Why Year 6 is the BEST!

    Published 05/04/22

    "What do Year 6 children get up to after their exams are over with?", we hear you ask. Read on to discover some highlights of our Year 6 post-exam curriculum. (Although, if you are a grown-up, it's probably best to stop reading now. It may well make you wish you were 11 years old again).

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  • Native Tongue Reading Sessions

    Published 24/03/22

    Read more about the immeasurable benefits of regular ‘Native Tongue Reading’ sessions with Early Years children.

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  • Promoting Independence

    Julie Swords
    Published 20/12/21

    Within every Little School newsletter, Nursery Manager Mrs Julie Swords highlights and advises families on a specific area of childcare; allowing parents to maintain a cohesive approach between home and nursery. In the most recent edition, we explore the importance of developing a child's independence.

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  • Meet Our Sports Captain

    Danielle Griffiths
    Published 02/12/21

    When children reach Year 6 at Greenfield, a number of positions of responsibility are assigned: from our Head Boy and Head Girl, Library Prefects, House Captains, Performing Arts Captains and more.

    Introducing this year’s Sports Captain - Charlie Wade. Dedicated to a life of varied sporting activity, Charlie’s commitment and enthusiasm is an inspiration to his peers at Greenfield.

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  • The Robots Are Coming

    Peter Lovejoy
    Published 09/11/21

    Head of Science Mr Lovejoy considers how Greenfield is helping to equip the next generation with skills and knowledge to prepare them for future technological advances, through exploratory STEM lessons. 

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  • Diversity is Being Invited to the Party

    Elizabeth Reeve
    Published 01/10/21

    Would you like to dance?

    Ms Reeve writes about Greenfield's approach to inclusion. 

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  • Mrs Botting's Meet the Teacher Speech

    Published 14/09/21

    If you missed Meet the Teacher evening you can read Mrs Botting's speech here:

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  • Roll Up! Roll Up!

    David Brown
    Published 14/09/21

    Mr Brown has compiled a brief run down of all the events we have to look forward to across this academic year. Get your glad rags at the ready!

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  • Language Without Borders

    Elise Veale
    Published 09/03/20

    Learning Enrichment teacher, Ms Veale, explores the importance of preserving language, and how Greenfield pupils are participating in a quest to save the language of Khoekhoe.

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  • Forest School – What are the true benefits of outdoor learning?

    Sophie Charman
    Published 05/02/20

    Greenfield Forest School Leader, Mrs Charman, shares her thoughts on outdoor education and the positive impact it has on pupils.

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  • What does it mean to 'extend' a child's learning?

    David Brown
    Published 25/10/17

    Schools are often asked how they 'extend' their 'more able' pupils. Indpendent schools often find this is a critical question when posed by a prospective parent. But what does it actaully mean to 'extend' a child's learning and ultimately, how will it benefit them? Mr Brown explores this in his latest blog.

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