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Greenfield School


The staff at Greenfield School have joined us from many walks of life. Their varied passions, talents and education make for a diverse body of professionals all working to provide the best possible education for our pupils.

All our staff are invited to contribute to the Greenfield blog. We hope you enjoy reading their articles.

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  • Embracing the Challenges and Rewards of Lifelong Learning

    Jenny Butcher
    Published 10/01/23

    What makes a 'Greenfield Learner?' Mrs Butcher discusses the importance of having a positive attitude towards learning, and makes some discoveries about the staff at Greenfield!

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  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Greenfield School

    Published 02/01/23

    Established in 1935, our modern prep school has seen numerous evolutions over the years. But what are some things you may not know about Greenfield School today?

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  • How School Infrastructure Leads to Better Education - 5 Reasons to Choose a Purpose-Built Prep School

    Published 23/12/22

    Read five ways that a 'Purpose-Built' school building can offer the very best prep school education. 

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  • What does it mean to be TES Prep School of the Year?

    Published 18/12/22

    In 2022, we had the honour of being awarded the TES Prep School of the Year. But why Greenfield, and what does this mean for us?

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  • Does Class Size Matter?

    David Brown
    Published 06/12/22

    Mr Brown looks at the evidence behind our approach to class sizes and teaching groups.

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  • Anti-Bullying Week

    Published 18/11/22

    What happened at Greenfield during Anti-Bullying Week 2022?

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  • Waste Week in Review: 5 sustainable practices for a Prep School to reduce waste

    Published 11/11/22

    As we aim to become an Eco School and live up to the “green” in our name, from 7th -11th November we focused our attention on waste output.

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  • Greenfield in Iceland

    David Brown
    Published 01/11/22

    What happens when you take more than fifty 8-11 year olds to Iceland? Looking back on our Icelandic adventure in October, our Deputy Head gives the inside scoop on the school trip.

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  • Developing a Love of Literacy

    Julie Swords
    Published 08/09/22

    For International Literacy Day, Nursery Manager Julie Swords writes about how literacy is a huge part of school life and our love of books begins in infancy. 

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  • Greenfield A to Z!

    Published 19/08/22

    This summer we counted down an A to Z of a few things that make Greenfield so unique! 

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  • Top 10 Events of 21/22 at Greenfield

    Published 07/07/22


    After a year full of changes, celebration, returns to old traditions and embracing new ones, we stepped back and looked at 10 standout moments of the whirlwind year we had during 2021/2022.

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  • Wellbeing and Resilience in Early Childhood

    Julie Swords
    Published 30/06/22

    As a spotlight feature in our latest Little School newsletter, Nursery Manager Julie Swords writes about how we can support our children's resilience and mental wellbeing early in life. 

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