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Greenfield School

Education - why do we do it?

Teaching is a profession that doesn't see much positivity in the press. We mostly hear about the negatives news stories, the scandals, the number of people leaving the profession or the various ways schools are letting their pupils down. We thought it was about time that people heard more positive news from teachers and why they continue to do this rewarding work.

The staff at Greenfield School have joined us from many walks of life. Their varied passions, talents and education make for a diverse body of professionals all working to provide the best possible education for our pupils.

All our staff are invited to contribute to the Greenfield blog. We hope you enjoy reading their articles.

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  • What does it mean to 'extend' a child's learning?

    Published 25/10/17, by Alice Pepe

    Schools are often asked how they 'extend' their 'more able' pupils. Indpendent schools often find this is a critical question when posed by a prospective parent. But what does it actaully mean to 'extend' a child's learning and ultimately, how will it benefit them? Mr Brown explores this in his latest blog.

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  • Leading Inspirational and Aspirational Schools

    Published 25/09/17, by Alice Pepe

    Mrs Botting shares her thoughts and intentions behind this year's IAPS Heads' Conference. 

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  • Mrs Botting's Meet the Teacher Speech

    Published 12/09/17, by Alice Pepe

    Mrs Botting gave an introduction to Meet the Teacher at the beginning of the Autumn Term 2017. If you missed it, you can read her speech below.

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  • Opportunity Knocks

    Published 06/06/17, by Alice Pepe

    Mr Brown considers how opportunity, choice and variety can have a positive impact on children.

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  • An Ideal Prep School Curriculum

    Published 27/02/17, by Alice Pepe

    Assistant Head, Mrs Sharon Maher, shares what she considers to be the ideal Prep School curriculum. One that Greenfield pupils already take full advantage of.

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  • Black Box Thinking

    Published 01/02/17, by Alice Pepe

    Mr Brown ponders the benefits of failure in the classroom.

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