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The Early Years

The Early Years, for 3 and 4 year olds

A child's experience at nursery and pre-school can influence their attitude towards learning with long-lasting effects. We often meet parents who say their child seems to have 'outgrown' their nursery and they are looking for more stimulation and opportunities to learn. Greenfield's Early Years Department offers children aged 3 and 4 years an introduction to education in an environment where playtime is always the order of the day! Our children can learn without limits and take everything at their own pace, resulting in thoroughly satisfied little learners. 

All children in our Early Years Department attend every morning session, from 08:30-12:30. During these sessions, our subject leaders deliver engaging lessons in dance, PE, languages and music alongside classroom activities which focus on the eight areas of learning. We also offer a 50-week provision for Robins children, allowing them to join Little School during the school holidays, meaning your child's hours can fit in around your work and other commitments. 

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What makes Greenfield's Early Years Department so special?

The Early Years  department is a place where inquisitive three and four-year-olds spend their days imagining, building and discovering. The Robins classrooms are always abuzz with the sound of children learning through play; be it counting the dots on finger-painted ladybird, practising letter shapes with spaghetti or helping a friend to be their best self.

Just like growing children, the department constantly changes and adapts to suit the challenges each day will bring. Role play areas are frequently updated to allow your child to be a Doctor, Dentist, Zoologist, Artist and Journalist; and that’s just the first week! Whatever the days and weeks may bring, Robins pupils are blissfully unaware of how their questioning teachers are helping them to learn and grow.

The foundation for learning provided in Robins allows our pupils to delve into the challenge of Reception without delay.

"The outcomes in the EYFS are excellent. The children make rapid progress relative to their individual starting points. They are extremely active learners and are creative and critical in their thinking." - ISI Inspection Report March 2016

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