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Greenfield School


Loud Shirt Day

On the 4th November 2021, Greenfield celebrated Loud Shirt Day.

In support of deaf children across the UK, Greenfield children wore their loudest, brightest outfits (and hairstyles!) to school, whilst raising money for Auditory Verbal UK. By teaching children with hearing loss how to listen and talk, Auditory Verbal are improving the lives of deaf and hard of hearing communities across the UK.

Why Loud T-Shirt Day?

Although the children enjoyed donning their loud outfits and creating artwork with brilliant loud colours in their art lessons, they also participated in an assembly in the morning to understand what the day was about. To understand more about those who have hearing loss, Deputy Head, Mr Brown, put on an assembly over Zoom for all children to watch from their classrooms. Mr Brown reiterated the importance of inclusion – a key ethos at Greenfield – being not only about understanding one another but also going out of our way to support, include and assist those who have additional needs.

Supporting Those With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects approximately 11 million people in the UK – nearly 1 in 6 people - so it is very likely that most people know someone who is deaf or hard of hearing. After explaining the different aids, methods and equipment that deaf communities use in their day to day lives, the children also understood some of the ways in which we can assist and communicate effectively with people who may be unable to hear us – and no, shouting very loudly is not one of them!

Our Community

Those who live with hearing loss are twice as likely to suffer from a mental illness than others – so it is vital that children are able to embrace this community from a young age; understanding their peers’ additional needs whilst being as supportive as they can.

Two Greenfield children spoke during the assembly and explained briefly their needs and how their hearing aids help them. The children were able to come away from the assembly with a much greater understanding of the deaf community, their needs and what we as individuals can do to help them. As Mr Brown reiterated – deaf people can do everything hearing people can do, except hear! We enjoyed seeing all the loud outfits today (from both children and staff!), whilst obtaining a greater understanding of one of the vital communities around us. Thank you to everyone who brought in their cash and donated money to Auditory Verbal UK.