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Greenfield School

Mrs Botting's Meet the Teacher Speech

Mrs Botting gave an introduction to Meet the Teacher at the beginning of the Autumn Term 2017. If you missed it, you can read her speech below.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and a very warm welcome to you all, especially our new parents.

I hope that you find this evening useful as it will give you an insight as to what your children will be doing this year. For those of you that have attended one of our workshops this evening, I hope that you are now more informed as to how you can best help your children in Upper School Mathematics, or English Entrance Examinations for senior schools.  As you will be aware, I believe that the partnership between the school and our parents is paramount if your child is to achieve their full potential. If there is a consistent message between us then your child will feel secure and happy.

Mr Gudgeon is going to speak to you in a moment to tell you about a new initiative that we are introducing this year which reinforces our desire to ensure that your child has the best possible experience of school and their learning. The well-being of our pupils is extremely important to all the staff at Greenfield.

Greenfield is a very special place. The ethos of the school and the opportunities that our pupils receive is second to none. We are continually reflecting on our practice to ensure that we are providing a first class education for your children. Greenfield’s tagline is ‘a school where education is more than just knowledge.’ We are incredibly proud of our wonderfully broad and creative curriculum, delivered in a manner which allows our pupils to learn to work independently and creatively, to develop excellent communication skills, as well as actively questioning and enjoying problem solving – all skills that are vital if they are to continue to achieve in this fast changing world. I am sure our new STEM module will only further enhance the children’s skill set.

I was delighted to hear from the Headmistress as St George’s College Weybridge that, last January, Greenfield was the only school whose entrance exam candidates all scored full marks in their interviews.

Greenfield is academically non-selective, yet our results at the end of Year 6 now surpass any other local prep schools, and have done for several years. The evidence is there for all to see as results must be published on school’s websites in order to be compliant with the Independent Schools Inspectorate. From recent results, a child who attends Greenfield school is twice as likely to receive a scholarship than if they attend another local prep school. This is because due to our split class teaching and superb teacher/pupil ratios we can really bring out to the very best in our pupils. We know your children extremely well and pick up their strengths and weakness quickly.

However, we are not all about scholarships at Greenfield. As we are academically non-selective we have a range of abilities and talents in every class. This means that for us, it not so much about where your child starts, but where they finish that matters. Every child must thrive and deserves the opportunity to reach their potential. The emotional wellbeing of your child is at the forefront of our minds.

In the English and Mathematics assessments carried out last term in Years 1 – 6, it was shown that almost 60% of our children are working within the top 20% of the country and 30% of them are in the top 5%.

These impressive results demonstrate excellent value added scores for children of all abilities at Greenfield.

As you can tell, I am extremely proud of my school and its uniqueness. I am incredibly lucky to have attracted such fantastic staff, but I am also very grateful to have a school full of such wonderful children. They fill me with joy every single day and make running Greenfield the best job in the world. Thank you for sending your children here and I have no doubt that they will have a fun packed, rewarding and academically fulfilling and challenging year.