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Greenfield School


Business in a Day

Year 5 pupils from Greenfield and Sythwood Primary School become entrepreneurs for the day.

At Greenfield, we aim to offer students further opportunities outside of the curriculum to develop their skills, experiences and aspirations. One of the ways we do this is to take part in Challenge Days hosted by Enabling Enterprise, a company who support schools to build the essential skills of every learner.

On Friday 25th January, Year 5 pupils were joined by peers from Sythwood Primary School to become entrepreneurs for the day! They competed in teams to set up a merchandise company and needed to demonstrate their best teamwork skills during their whirlwind tour of business and set of mini-challenges. Inviting children from another local school gives students a unique opportunity to work alongside unfamiliar team mates in a true test of teamwork.

"Today I've learned that I am more creative than I thought I was."

Year 5 Greenfield Pupil

They needed to use their creativity when they formed their own company,and designed a new range of souvenirs, and problem solving was paramount when they created prototypes. Teams were excited to consider their budget and promote their company by creating a logo and a slogan. The challenge culminated with teams presenting and sharing ideas for their new companies and seeking a potential new investment.

"I am proud of myself today because I don't usually have the confidence to speak in front of people and get a bit of 'stage fright' but today I spoke to people I didn't know."

Year 5 Greenfield Pupil

Enabling Enterprise work with pupils, teachers, employers and organisations to help build upon eight key skills necessary for success in each stage of life: they unlock learning while at school, ensure young people are fully prepared for the independence of university and college, and empower people to land their dream job. These skills include teamwork, leadership, creativity, presenting, and listening. Find out more  here.

“The school seeks to encourage and develop a range of gifts and talents amongst its pupils through a wealth of opportunities for children to develop their interests and experiences outside of the normal timetable, and many opportunities for non-academic pursuits.”

Enabling Enterprise