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Year 6 face the Dragons

On Tuesday 5th February, budding entrepreneurs from Year 6 had the opportunity to present their business plans to the Dragons, in the hope of securing an investment for their company.

In teams of three or four, pupils had to present their business idea to the Dragons of Mrs Botting, Mr Brown and Mr Gudgeon in the hope that they would be awarded overall winner and secure an investment in their company. In true Dragons' Den style, some groups chose to persuade the judges by offering samples of their tasty products! All seven teams impressed the Dragons with their presentation skills, cost analysis and product prototype.

First up was “Sweet Creams”; a plan to spread the love of ice cream and bring traditional gelato back into the limelight. By offering customers the chance to choose their own flavours (even those not on the menu!) Holly, Chloe and Oliver C hope to create a booming business which can be rolled out across weddings, parties and summer fayres.  The team put across a good argument for why their company should be supported, and also produced delicious samples of their kiwi sorbet and berry blast ice cream which went down a storm with the dragons.

Second to present were Team LEAL, made up of Lukas, Elliott, Adhit and Louisa. The team had a plan to revolutionise breakfast by producing healthy granola bars and smoothies which would give people energy without the added sugar. Coupled with the fact that this company use recyclable packaging, their strapline of “Buy it, try it, love it” seems to be accurate. The team even brought along samples of their freshly baked granola bars, and nutritious smoothies!

A team of Izzy, Oli R and Will M brought to the floor their idea of “Wompoms” – the next biggest craze! Customers would be able to purchase “Wompom” making kits on Amazon and fashion their own Wompoms to wear as an accessory, give as a gift, decorate their home with or simply keep as a collectable. With particular attention to marketing details, such as designing a logo and considering celebrity endorsement, this team certainly wowed the judges. The team even made their own packaging!

The morning took an exotic turn when Lola, Henry, Austin and Freddie took to the floor to explain why “Waves of Flavour” was desperate for an investment. With a desire to tackle the obesity crisis, and having already sourced a run-down café on the seafront in the Caribbean, the team required funds to turn it into a healthy living haven! As a dog-friendly café, with a zero alcohol policy, healthy juices, fruit and sunset swimming, this definitely sounded like somewhere the Dragons could see themselves relaxing. They enjoyed some fruit skewers, followed by a double chocolate chip cookie!

With a desire to make preparing food more efficient and safe, team “Glaze” of Will K, Hana, Daniel and Benji pitched their high-tech knife to the Dragons. Complete with a thorough diagram, this multi-blade cutting device is dishwasher safe and comes with a variety of different blades for all of your food preparation needs.

The team of Sam, Noah and Marco shared their vision of a “Playtime Paradise” soft play area for children aged 2-12. This would be a safe, fun and affordable place for children to play and once admitted their play time is unlimited! Mr Gudgeon commended the group on their “Carers go free” policy and the dragons were also very impressed with the team’s long term goals of opening a gift shop and café.

Last but by no means least, the team of Joseph, Tom and Tristan took to the floor to present their business idea: “Build a Squishy”. Cleverly piggybacking on the already successful “squishy” phenomenon, the team devised a way for people to create their own personalised stress-relief companion. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, and dispatched within 24 hours, this product sounds like a success already! For £0.90 the customer can even choose a smell to be added to their squishy, something Mr Brown was very impressed by. The team dazzled the Dragons with their well-designed laminated hand-outs to explain the product.

Phew! What a great morning from Year 6 and what a tough decision the dragons were left with. After a long day of deliberating, the Dragons managed to reach a decision on the overall winner, and also awarded commendation prizes for areas of excellence in the other business plans. The Dragons are delighted to invest in “Wompoms” – the DIY collectible accessory. Greenfield School will be selling Wompom making kits at school in the following few weeks so make sure to buy yours and join in with the next new craze!

Other awards are listed below. Well done to all teams for your fantastic work!

Best Free Sample Award – Sweet Creams

Healthy Choice Award - LEAL

Best Company Name – Waves of Flavour

Best Design Award - Glaze

Children’s Choice Award – Playtime Paradise

Customer Focus Award – Build Your Own Squishy

Headmistress Awards go to Tristan, Holly and Izzy for outstanding presentation skills.