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Greenfield School


Careers Day

Pupils took part in a 'Careers Day' as part of our Enrichment Programme. 

On Friday 15th February, pupils took part in a Careers Enrichment Day, designed to help them think about real life decisions, different paths available and practise interacting with others in a business-like manner.

Throughout the day pupils from Years 1-6, as well as 30 children from Sythwood Primary School, visited a Careers Fair in the hall to learn about different career paths. The room was filled with professionals from 19 careers, each with their own stall complete with props and interactive accessories. Amongst those represented were a pilot, lawyers, artist, nurse, voiceover artist, pharmacist, film maker, charity worker and IT professionals.

Pupils were given booklets to complete by visiting each career stall and asking questions such as “What is the most challenging part of your job?” and “What sort of training do you need for your job?” House points were awarded for those who confidently introduced themselves, shook hands and expanded on their questions.












Throughout the rest of the day, pupils took part in other careers related activities such as learning about job interview skills and CV writing. In the afternoon, pupils participated in workshops including Piloting, Film Making, Working at the Council and Business Dilemmas. Each workshop was highly interactive and provided the children with more information about this career path.

Whilst this was taking place for the older children, Pre-Prep pupils rotated around their classrooms to learn about different jobs. They practised being artists, learnt about the armed forces and completed a role play airline activity. Pupils also visited the Careers Fair to complete a Treasure Hunt.

On top of this busy and fun-filled day, children were encouraged to dress up in an outfit commensurate with their dream job. There were police officers, a prime minister, fashion designers, scientists, athletes and even Batman!

What a fantastic way to end the half term!