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Pupils celebrate World Book Day with reading, storytelling, dressing up and photography!

Celebrations for World Book Day begun much before the 7th of March when, in February, parents of Pre-Prep children were invited to read stories to the children in different languages. Nine parents kindly agreed to help and read in a total of eight different languages, including Spanish, Afrikans, English, Chinese and Romanian!

Following this excitement, other story-telling activities began to take off in the week leading up to World Book Day. To start the week, Pre-Prep helped to act out the story of The Gingerbread Man in a special storytelling show, and the older children enjoyed a lively production of The Hobbit, complete with dragon and giant moving spider!

On Wednesday, the whole school took part in a ‘Big Read’, when stories were shared across age groups. In form time, older children were invited to visit the classrooms of younger pupils and to read a book of their choice.









In Thursday's assembly, the children listened to a story which pupils in Years 1-6 had written during the week in their English lessons. The children had to continue the story from where the previous class had stopped and, as an extra challenge, they had to include a random object brought in by the teacher. This proved to be great fun for all and produced a very inventive story which pupils enjoyed listening to. Assembly also involved announcing the winner of the Extreme Reading competition, which took place over half term. The children were challenged to send in a photograph of themselves reading in unusual places and positions! Lots of children took part, with some great photographs being submitted. The winner was Year 6 pupil, Lukas, who submitted a photograph of himself reading on top of Dunkery Beacon in Exmoor!

Alongside the school day activities, children and families also brought books in for Delight, a charity which provides books for children who are not fortunate to have them. Thanks to the children and parents, many books were donated and will provide other children with the opportunity to enjoy stories in the same way as the children at Greenfield.

To top the week off, children came to school on Thursday dressed as their favourite book character! There was a wonderful array of costumes, ranging from Harry Potter and The Snow Queen to Goldilocks and the Gruaffalo. You can view more photos here.