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Greenfield School


The Results are in...

Celebrating the results of our Year 6 pupils.

In January of 2019, our 26 Year 6 pupils sat entrance exams to more than 20 different independent senior schools. In the weeks that followed, the children, parents and staff were delighted to learn that the children’s hard work had paid off, as the offers and scholarships came rolling in.

All in all, the children received 62 Year 7 offers from 22 different schools along with 14 scholarships, which is an outstanding achievement. Particular congratulations must go to our scholars and award winners for their superb achievements; congratulations to Izzy, Louisa, Oliver C, Oliver R, Will K, Lola, Joseph, Henry and Benji, who were awarded scholarships this year.

It was an excellent year for the Music and Drama department, with 4 Music scholarships, 1 trumpet award, 2 Drama scholarships and 1 Drama Exhibition awarded by local senior schools. In addition to this, Lola was offered a place at the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School and looks forward to the many opportunities available to her when she begins there in September. The talents of these hard-working pupils was showcased in the Scholars’ Recital yesterday evening, which parents and staff alike enjoyed.

The Year 6 children have accepted places at 12 different senior schools and are now looking forward to the rest of their time at Greenfield, whilst looking forward their exciting next chapters.

For more information on this year's Senior School Results please visit our page.

Year 5 and 6 pupils at the Scholars' Recital