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Greenfield School


Out of this World Artwork!

Greenfield children impress judges at local Space-themed art competition.

In celebration of World Space Week, on Saturday 5th October, The Institute of Physics and University of Surrey took over Guildford High Street. They hosted a range of interactive space-themed stalls, orchestral performances, stargazing and story-telling.

Included in the celebration was a school art competition following the theme of: “The Moon: Gateway to the Stars”. Many children from local schools and colleges submitted artwork, with the hope of winning first prize in their keystage catergory.

29 Greenfield pupils from Reception to Year 6 submitted art entries, which were all thought up and created by the children in their own time. Their entries, as KS1 and KS2 pupils, had to follow the theme of "mixed media" (artwork using more than one medium or material).

The range of artwork submitted included the use of melted wax, salt dough, acrylic, collage and sculpture. Many of the children from Greenfield School who had entered artwork attended the exhibition on Saturday and were delighted to find their creations displayed.

Greenfield Year 2 pupil Freya Watson-Hill was awarded first prize for the KS1 and KS2 category. Her entry was a 3D model of space, complete with papier-mâché moon, stars which lit up, a rocket ship taking off and the sun and earth dangling in space.












**UPDATE 11/10/19: Unbeknown to them or the school, Vahnee Sathan in Year 6 and Annalie Morrow in Year 4 also won prizes for their artwork. They were both awarded prizes as runners up of the whole competition. Vahnee submitted a wonderful poster showing a house turning into a rocket, with the idea that you don't even need to leave your home to learn about space - we can all do it! Annalie's artwork depicted a bunch of balloons, held by Santa Claus, representing the planets, with the "earth" balloon deflated. This was to represent how humans do not look after the earth as they should, and it leads to destruction and sadness.**












As well as these individual successes, the judging panel was very impressed with the volume of Greenfield entries they had received, and Greenfield was awarded a number of books for the school.

Parents and teachers are over the moon for the Greenfield children and are already looking forward to next year’s competition – watch this space!

View more photographs of the artwork  here.