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Greenfield School


Pupils Vote for Change

Pupils vote to decide the school's charity of the year.

The Greenfield School Council, which is made up of children from each year group from Years 1-6, hosted their charities assembly this morning.

Over the past few weeks, the children in School Council have been discussing the issues which are closest to their hearts, and the ethos of Greenfield. They have been conducting research into charities, both local and worldwide which they would like the school to support. Five charities were shortlisted for the children to present to the rest of the school.

The group of Anna (Year 3), Ava (Year 1) and Hugo (Year 6) presented beautifully on their chosen charity "4ocean". This charity, functioning mostly in Florida, Bali and Haiti are tackling pollution in oceans one piece of rubbish at a time. Since 2017, they have recovered 7,127,262 pounds of rubbish from the ocean, but there is still so much left to do.

Isabelle Tinsley (Year 6), Meng-Yao Ai (Year 5), Lauren Bidder (Year 4), Edward Tinsley (Year 3), Imogen Squibb (Year 2) and Amenic Wright (Year 1) presented next on their charity: Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). GOSH is a hospital in London helping children and young people who are waiting for life-changing treatments. The charity funds hospital refurbishments, support for families, research into children's health and life-saving medical equipment.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) was presented by Neev Kaur-Chakravarti (Year 2), Holly Crowlins (Year 5) and Rory Galloway (Year 1). Meaning in English "Doctors without Borders", the charity ​​​​​​provides assistance to populations in distress, to victims of natural or man-made disasters and to victims of armed conflict. They do so irrespective of gender, race, religion, creed or political convictions. The charity relies fully on donations to fund their consultations, operations, treatments and vaccinations every year.

Instead of a chosen charity, Gigi Ogle (Year 6), Ashley Cunningham (Year 1), Freddie Norman (Year 2), Finlay Hudd (Year 4) and Charlie Wade (Year 4) identified a need within the local area. They presented the idea of donating money to local schools this year to fund their equipment and help children to have resources to encourage their learning.

Last but not least, Alex Hardy (Year 6), Yasmine Abdel-Aziz (Year 5), Theo Chandler (Year 2), Joshua Reed (Year 4), Mya Wright (Year 3), Josh Ganguli (Year 5) and Georgie Roberts (Year 3) proposed WWF as the charity of the year. WWF is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation, with a mission to create a world where people and wildlife can thrive together. They work to transform the future for the world’s wildlife, rivers, forests and seas.

After these wonderful presentations, all pupils and staff were asked to drop a token in the corresponding tray to cast their vote.















After all of the votes were counted, we are pleased to reveal that WWF was chosen as the charity of the year. Children will be invited to dress up as an animal on a chosen date, and bring in a £2 donation to the charity. We are looking forward to lots more charity events taking place throughout the year to raise money for this worthy cause!