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Greenfield School


Back to School

After months of lockdown and online learning, Greenfield pupils are excited to be back in school!

After the big move to our new 10+ acre site last summer, Greenfield had a busy year planned to make the most of our extensive new home. When the pandemic took hold, staff had to think again about how to deliver the creative curriculum.

During the school closure, staff worked tirelessly to deliver a full virtual curriculum and ensure all pupils were able to progress with their education. The timetable was adapted to reflect the impacts of online learning and the teachers quickly got to grips with delivering lessons via video call. It was unchartered territory for children, teachers and parents, but everyone involved pulled together and it resulted in positive outcomes under very challenging circumstances. Mrs Botting said: “I am so proud of everything our community achieved during lockdown. The children astounded us all with their resilience and adaptability and I am confident that their education was impacted as little as possible due to the efforts of their parents and teachers.”

In June when government restrictions were lifted to allow children to gradually return to school, we were delighted to be able to invite all year groups back to school by the end of term. This is something that never would have been possible had Greenfield still been in their cosy house on Brooklyn Road. The children and staff have never been so grateful to have outside space, allowing bubbles of children to play, eat their lunch and even have lessons outside!

The children were excited to be with their friends again and have some normality reintroduced before the summer holidays ahead. As an end of term treat, an ice cream van visited the school for a day and each child also received eco goody bags and a certificate acknowledging their hard work and resilience.











Adaptions are still in place for the Autumn Term, but Greenfield is striving for as near to normal as possible. Although there is still some way to go before school can be completely back to normal again, we are excited for this new school year and to continue providing an outstanding education to our pupils.

In addition, works are underway for Greenfield’s new nursery “Little School” which is due to open in January 2021. This addition to the Greenfield family offers 50 week provision for children aged 6 months+. Click here to learn more.