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Greenfield School


An Amazing Trip to Winchester Science Centre and Planitarium!

A review of Year 3 and Year 5's trip to Winchester Science Centre by Year 5 pupil, Zac.

On Monday 9th January, Years 5 and 3 went on an amazing trip to Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium. As we arrived, we entered through the rear entrance and were talked to by one of the helpful staff; we learnt what can be recycled and what can’t. After that, we got on with the fun stuff: in Winchester Science Centre there are over 100 hands-on activities including ‘Wheelchair Basketball’, ‘Mind Ball’ (where two people compete together to move a ball along a tube with their minds)’, and much, much more! At ten thirty, Year 3 did a workshop on sound. They made paper bangers and used a blow torch to make metal tubes sing. They all had lots of fun and enjoyed it very much. At eleven thirty, we [Year 5] had our Planetarium show; the guide was incredibly interesting and had us vote which planet to explore next. At twelve thirty, it was time for lunch; we all had sandwiches, a packet of crisps, a bottle of water and a chocolate bar. The penultimate necessity was the shop. I bought a UFO sharpener and eraser. Finally it was time to return home and we got back to school early and were reunited with our purchases.