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Greenfield School


If we go down to the woods today...

Reception Class took a trip to woods.

A Poem

Crunchy things, slimy things, things on the floor

Out in the woods there’s lots to explore.

Our baskets are empty, ready to be filled

Stones, sticks and mud – mum will be thrilled.

We walk and we run and we whizz all around

Look, Mrs Bunyan, at what we have found!

It’s a cave! It’s a den! Somebody cried

Never mind what it is, let’s go inside!

In ventures one, two, three and four

Miss Cheung, come on, we’ll squeeze in one more!

Then on through the woodland our welly boots go

Leading the pack is Mr Szabo

Snaking our way around all the trees

Racing each other and kicking the leaves

Lined up on the tree trunk, we sit for a while

Taking a photo, remember to smile!

Back on the bus, it’s time for us to go

Our welly boots muddy and our faces aglow.