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Greenfield School


Back in Time for Lunch

Year 6 pupils sample the delicacies of 1950s cuisine!

During their Understanding the World lesson today, our Year 6 pupils had the opportunity to sample foods that were available in the 1950s. The aim of the exercise was help the children better understand the differences between the present day and what was available to those in post-war Britain.

The picnic-style spread included SPAM, corned beef, powdered mashed potato and mushy peas, all of which were found in the average 1950s shopping basket. After trying some of the savoury options, the children could sample 1950s treats in the form of a bright pink blancmange and wagon wheels. Needless to say, these proved to be significantly more popular than the SPAM!

The children also had the chance to play some 1950s games, including Shove Halfpenny. Despite bearing no resemblance to the virtual reality games of today, the Shove Ha’penny board kept them entertained until it was time for lunch – if they had any room left that is!