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Greenfield School


Soaring Sunflowers

Back in the Summer Term, Mrs Hardy's Life Skills club potted sunflower seeds to take home to their dads on Fathers' Day. Last week she gathered the results so she could announce the winners of her sunflower growing competition!

During the Summer Term , all the children in Life Skills club were given a sunflower to take home and plant. The challenge, with the help of their fathers and grandfathers, was to see how tall they could get their sunflower to grow. 

After much love, care and attention, Poppy in Year 2 has managed to grow her sunflower to a whopping 8 feet tall! (That's just short of 2.5 metres!). Poppy would like to thank her step-grandfather, who helped her grow her sunflower to such an amazing height. 

Runner up in the compeition was Jacob in Year 3. Jacob's sunflower reached 5ft 10inches (or 1.55m) and was a worthy second place.

Well done to all the children and adults who took part! 


Poppy's sunflower and her dad!
Jacob's sunflower and his dad!