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Greenfield School


Cracking Day of Egg-citing Egg-speriments

Usual lessons are abandoned for a day of science egg-sperimenting!

An “eggciting” egg-themed day of science encouraged Greenfield School pupils to look at the humble egg in a new light. All pupils, from age 3 to 11, joined in with the egg-themed activities on Monday 20th February, [free] ranging from “walking on eggs” to “protecting an egg” and "egg bridges".

Using their knowledge of scientific principles, the children were asked to design solutions to egg-based problems. Children in the Upper School were asked to create packaging that would protect an egg from breaking when dropped from a height. The Lower School had to create a car that could carry an egg down a ramp without smashing. Even Pre-Prep joined in the fun by making their own scrambled eggs on toast and lots of egg craft activities. 

At least twice a year, pupils at the school are treated to a day away from the usual timetabled lessons and they are immersed in challenges and activities around a central theme. Known as Enrichment Day, previous themes have included “Medieval Day”, “Eco-Warrior Day” and “Alien Invasion!” (in honour of H G Wells). Enrichment days have proven to be an excellent opportunity for pupils to build friendships across year groups and share their own knowledge and ideas with each other.

Deputy Head, Mr David Brown, said: “Enrichment days are very much led by the children themselves. Our teachers provide them with a challenge and some equipment and away they go, using their own knowledge and ideas to fathom an answer. It is incredible to watch their minds at work and we are always amazed by the things they come up with.”

To add to the fun, the children were invited to attend school in themed attire, and who could have a science day without a few mad scientists?