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Greenfield School


Pre-Prep Visit Garson's Farm 

Pre-Prep children in Owls, Robins and Reception visited Garson's Farm in Esher this week. They each picked their own pumpkin and bring it back ready for Harvest Festival! Mrs Hardy tells us all about it...

The Pre Prep department visited the farm in Esher this week. The children in ‘The Owls’ and ‘The Robins’ mornings only children went by mini bus on Tuesday. For some it was their first school trip and they all took it in their stride. They had a marvellous time. Every child found their own individual pumpkin on a bright and sunny morning.

The children who are full-time and Reception class went the following day ( sadly not as sunny!) by coach. There was much excitement. Children went into the corn field and no children were lost! The children were allowed to pick a pumpkin of their choosing, provided they could carry it! The Robins had a scrumptious picnic packed for them by Chef and they sat in the lovely restaurant at Garson's to eat it. Their behaviour was exemplary.

The Reception children were given added responsibility and were given a £5 note to buy their own lunch. They were told that they could choose 5 items; one had to be a sandwich and the other a drink, the rest they could choose themselves. They paid and received change which they could spend on stickers from the shop. This money lesson reinforced learning in the classroom.

Children were thrilled to see their old teacher, Mrs Belcher, who just happened to be there at the same time and could not help herself from joining us!

Staff were incredibly proud of all the Greenfield children. My thanks to all the staff for a fabulous day out! 

Evidence of a good day out below!