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Greenfield School


Dining in Style

This week, Mr Sukhdeo introduced a very exciting opportunity for well-mannered children to dine at the Golden Table on a Friday afternoon. 

Feeding 200 children each lunchtime is no mean feat and it is understandable that, at times, the noise levels go above an acceptable level. However, learning to eat and talk with friends over a meal is a valuable skill and one that Greenfield wishes to promote in all children. For this reason, Mr Sukhdeo has unveiled a very exciting new opportunity, aimed at improving noise levels, table manners and general etiquette in the dining room.

Each week, one pupil from each year group (Reception to Year 6) will be selected by staff to be the recipient of a golden ticket. This child will have shown exceptionally good behaviour and will follow the rules of the dining room. The golden ticket entitles them to dine at the Golden Table at Friday lunchtime, where they eat from golden plates, drink from golden goblets and enjoy a very civilised lunchtime! 

The icing on the cake is in the form of a delicious ice-cream dessert, only served at the Golden Table. 

Would you make it onto the Golden Table?

Below are the requirements you must meet in order to be considered for a golden ticket. 

The Golden lunchtime rules are:

  • Be quiet and sensible when walking along the corridor to the dining room
  • Be calm and quiet when waiting in line to be served
  • Talk at a reasonable volume when in the dining room
  • Use good table manners
  • Do not waste food

The lucky recipients of the first golden tickets enjoyed their 'Fish Friday' fare with Mrs Bunyan and Mr Brown. Who will be getting a ticket next week, we wonder?