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Greenfield School


Drama Workshop Tackles Tricky Subjects

Monday saw Greenfield children explore the issue of Human Rights through some engaging and thought-provoking drama workshops.

Professional actress and drama teacher, Rachel Winters, took the children on a whistlestop tour of some basic human rights such as the freedom to follow a given religion, the freedom to travel between countries and the right to education. Following this, the children created their own desert island, the laws of which were based on their own human rights. Next, each island took on a new member of the community and explored the issues around being denied their human rights.

David Brown, Deputy Head, said ‘The children showed great maturity during the workshop and came up with some fantastic human rights for their own islands. The drama workshops were a great vehicle for exploring some difficult issues and further reinforced our mission to engender responsibility, empathy and compassion in these Greenfield children who will hopefully go on to make the planet fairer and more sustainable.’