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Greenfield School


A Plea to Save the Animals

Year 6 pupil, Chinwe, has written a very moving poem about endangered animals. 





The Jungle

This is a poem about all of the animals,

That wander on the jungle's floor.

If only to the poacher and the hunters,

They would mean something much more.


The beautiful birds and owls,

Who can impress us with immense ease,

That unfortunately are becoming homeless,

As we're selfishly cutting down trees.


The lovely lions and the chill cheaters,

That no one can ever loathe,

Are sadly now becoming endangered,

As we want their skin for clothes.


The fun and fragile fish,

Are also a part of our world,

But they're slowly dying off,

As in the sea, rubbish is hurled.


Now, as I wrap things up,

To my readers, I now implore,

Work together, strong citizens all,

Let's make animals mean something more.