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Greenfield School


Greenfield Launches Social Responsibility Programme

Greenfield School is embarking on an exciting, ambitious and innovative programme to produce the next generation of citizens who will hold compassion, integrity and responsibility for the future of our planet as their core values and purpose.

We are persistently amazed by children’s natural ability to identify inequality and their innate vision for a fair and just society. By encouraging this natural sense of right and wrong and by giving them an empowered understanding of their place in the world, we are vehemently encouraging the next generation of global citizens.

At Greenfield School we are promoting positive citizenship; a group of children who are learning about and participating in their global responsibility to reform society for the future world. In doing so we are enabling freedom of thought whilst celebrating diversity and encouraging compassion.

Using the UN sustainability goals as the lens through which we view our curriculum, we are able to gently embed an understanding of sustainability throughout our teaching.

Greenfield School is passionately aware of our power to combat entitlement, greed and hatred by imparting generosity, kindness and peace. Our core ethos fosters a culture of inclusion, acceptance and understanding. We work to create an authentic, responsible and empathetic school culture.

By working together as a staff and student body and by always focussing on the future world that we wish to create, we are able to encourage discussion and independent thought surrounding these sensitive subjects whilst also ensuring empathetic understanding, a fair and balanced argument and a compassion based opinion.

Working in education, we are in such a privileged position of influence. If we empower the next generation to create a better, fairer world, perhaps the mistakes that we have made could be in some way rectified.