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Greenfield School


Chinese New Year

Children in Reception have been learning all about Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dog.

To celebrate Chinese New Year, which officially took place on Friday 16th February, Reception children at Greenfield have been learning all about this important time of year in Chinese culture. 

2018 is the Chinese Year of the Dog and the Reception classroom has been beautifully decorated with a dog made out of the children's hand prints. The dog is one of the 12 animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac calendar and 2018 is an Earth Dog year.

The clever dog made out of hand prints in Reception classroom

On Tuesday, the whole school was treated to a Chinese themed lunch, with beautiful gold and red decorations all over the dining room. Spring rolls, noodles, rice and tasty chicken, beef and vegetarian dishes were lapped up by the children and staff!

Back in the classroom, the children in Reception worked very hard at cutting around some tricky shapes to create their own dragon puppets. They even had some traditional Chinese music playing to help them stay focused on the task in hand!












There was lots of concentration and peserverence required to cut around the dragon faces. The classroom was almost silent apart from the Chinese music playing in the background!