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Greenfield School


Greenfield and Sythwood Join Forces on Enterprise Challenge Day

The lovely people from Enabling Enterprise joined us on Friday to take the children on an exciting journey to a distant moon…

What would we need to take with us if we were to occupy a previously uninhabited planet? Well, that was the challenge facing children at Greenfield School on Friday 23rd February when Enabling Enterprise took over the school for the day.

The challenge, entitled Operation Moonbase, was designed to help the children engage with their imagination, utilise their problem-solving skills and use listening skills and teamwork in order to achieve the best possible result. In small groups, they were set the various tasks to help them prepare for life on a new planet. They needed to select a crew, design a new species of animal and then create a 3D model of their dream city. Each of these challenges inspired great discussed and some disagreements, but compromise was achieved when groups chose to combine ideas and work together.

Another element of the day for Year 4 came in the form of working with new people. Sythwood Primary School kindly brought along some of their Year 4 children and the groups were mixed to include children from both schools. This gave Year 4 the added challenge of working with children they did not know and so communication and listening skills were even more important.

It was fantastic to see the children from both schools working so well together. There were some brilliant ideas and collaboration in the groups and it was clear to see that all the children thoroughly enjoyed the day.

In the Early Years department, the children played their own part in preparing for life on Utopia. Pre-Prep children had to ‘pack a suitcase’ filled with the things they would need on their new planet and Reception concentrated on building some super rockets to propel them to their new home.

At the end of a very busy day, the children had to pitch their ideas at the ‘Intergalactic Trade Fair’. This was a fabulous opportunity for the children to explain their ideas and decisions and to hear how other groups had found the project.

A big ‘thank you’ must go to our friends at Enabling Enterprise and Sythwood Primary School for making the day truly out of this world!

More information about Enabling Enterprise can be found here:

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