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Greenfield School


Headmistress for the Day

On Tuesday 20th March 2018, Year 6 pupil Jasmine decided to give Mrs Botting a bit of a break by taking on all her duties for the day. She was very busy, with lesson observations, teaching, meetings and even a working lunch! Here is Jazzi's report:

Being Headmistress for the Day

My experience of being Headmistress for the day has been a great one. 

First of all I went into different classes (Early Years, Year 2 and Year 3) and I helped them if they needed some help. With Year 2, I sat in an Art Carousel lesson and gave them tips and comments when they were colouring a picture in. With Year 3, I sat in a drama lesson where they were making up and performing two scenes about empathy and they had to do those two scenes but in a freeze frame. 

For lunch I sat in Mrs Botting's office and ate lunch with Jasmine K and Mr Gudgeon. Unlike the lunch hall it was quite peaceful and I could hear what they were both saying! 

I loved this experience and I hope that next year the next Headmistress or Headmaster for the day will love it too.