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Greenfield School


Science and STEM Spectacular

Science and STEM lessons have started with a squelch, a splosh and a whoosh this term with Year 1 and Year 5 getting things off to a very exciting start.

Year 1 were the lucky recipients of the first STEM lesson of the year and Mr Lovejoy did not disappoint. The children had to work in teams to create a shelter for a toy Monkey that was both wind and waterproof. They had lots of resources at their disposal, including knex kids, multilink blocks, lolly sticks, card, and foil. The task required the children to plan and build their shelter, then to test it before making suitable adjustments to improve the design. The final testing proved very interesting, with Mr Lovejoy no doubt out of puff by the end!

The following week, Year 1 studied bubbles. They discussed how they are made and the different sizes and shapes they can before putting their theories to the test with some washing up liquid, pipe-cleaners and straws!

Year 5 were also thrown in at the deep end this term, with their study of the circulatory system taking a very practical turn. The class worked in pairs to dissect and identify the different components of a lamb’s heart. Despite some squeamishness to begin with, the children took on the challenge and managed to identify all the elements of the heart and see how each part works to pump blood around the body.  

Just three weeks into the term and Mr Lovejoy has everyone buzzing about science. We can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve for the rest of the year!