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Greenfield School


Autumnal Adventures

The beginning of October has brought with it the changing colour of the leaves and chillier mornings for us all, but with the transition from summer to autumn comes lots of seasonal activities that Pre-Prep are all too ready to get stuck into.

This week, Pre-Prep’s Robins and Reception classes have packed their bags, donned their coats and wellies and made their way to Garson’s Farm for a spot of pumpkin picking!

On Monday morning, Red and Orange Robins were treated to glorious sunshine as they trundled along in the tractor towards the rows of plump pumpkins ready to pick. Once everyone had chosen their perfect pumpkin they hopped back on the tractor before heading back to school for some lunch.

On Tuesday it was the turn of the two Reception classes and, despite a cloudier outlook, they too had fun selecting the biggest, roundest, most orange pumpkins to take home.











Once back at school the haul was unloaded to a safe place, but there will be plenty more pumpkin-related activities to come! Some of the pumpkins will be used for an autumnal display at the school’s Harvest Festival on Tuesday 16th October and the rest will be chopped up and made into some delicious pumpkin soup.

Thank you to Garson’s Farm!