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Greenfield School


United Nations Enrichment Day

Today’s Enrichment Day was focused on the United Nations’ Sustainability Goals and all the Greenfield children were involved in special activities and tasks related to issues different countries face.

In Pre-Prep, the children were invited to come into school wearing cultural dress from any country. Many of our pupils have links to other parts of the world and it was fascinating to see all of their beautiful, traditional costumes.

Mums and dads of our Pre-Prep pupils were invited to come and speak to the children this morning about their heritage and culture. The children were fascinated to learn all about the different countries and their traditions.

The rest of the school had an extended assembly this morning to introduce them to the United Nations and how their activities for the day would be based on the work of the UN. The children had already been allocated countries and the first task for Year 5 and 6 was to take part in the trade game. The trade game required each country to make as much ‘money’ as possible, by cutting out their currency (different shapes) from pieces of paper. Poorer countries only had one pair of scissors between their four participants and only a few shapes to cut out. The wealthier countries had a pair of scissors each and lots of their shape to cut around. This was a brilliant way to show the children the inequalities faced by different countries and the role the UN plays.

As part of their work on ‘peace and justice’ Year 1 and 2 were visited by Sergeant Walton who showed them all the different pieces of equipment he uses when he is working to keep Surrey safe. The children got to try on some police uniform, had a go at sitting in the drivers’ seat, using the siren and were even locked up in the back!

As the day drew to a close, parents were invited to join the whole school for another assembly, where the children presented their projects to the audience. Pre-Prep had been learning about Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and Brazil and they told the audience all about the facts they had learned.

Years 1 and 2 read out their pledges to help make the world a more peaceful and just place with reduced inequalities for everyone.

In Years 3 to 6 the children had been given fictional countries and it was their job to make sure they met with the UN sustainability goals despite having some limiting characteristics – quite a challenge! They presented their work to the assembly, which included our very own UN security council!

A huge well done to all the children who astonished us with their enthusiasm and dedication to making the world a better place.