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Greenfield School


Football Festival Fun!

Greenfield boys started the football season well, excelling in lots of competitions throughout September and the beginning of October. With a hope of encouraging healthy competition and building community, we decided to host football festivals for local schools to attend.

Across the three football festivals hosted in October and November this term, we have had 20 schools involved across the 48 teams that have entered, amounting to approximately 384 children from the local community participating. This has been an incredible outcome and we are so pleased that schools have been keen to get involved. All of the festivals took place at Woking Leisure Centre on their enclosed 3g pitches and we were very grateful to be able to use this space.

The first festival, on Friday 12th October, saw Under 7 boys and girls across Woking compete for the trophy. After a great afternoon of fun football, Greenfield boys progressed into the gold group and managed to win the tournament!

On Wednesday 21st November it was the Under 11 boys' turn. It was another great afternoon with a lot of really good skilled football from the schools. Greenfield boys worked hard and manage to secure another victory.

Swiftly following the Under 11s was the football festival finale on Thursday 29th November for the Under 9s. It was a slightly drizzly day but the rain held off at just the right moments. Although Greenfield pupils did not bring home a win at this festival, the A Team did manage to come first in the Bronze Group. Well done to Horsell Junior School who won the Gold Group and took home the well-deserved medals!

Results from the three football festivals


We were delighted to have had Year 9 students from Woking High School referee at our Under 9 festival. They served as excellent role models to all pupils involved and we hope to work with them again in future fixtures.

These football festivals have been a great way to bring together pupils from different schools in the local community and we hope to continue building links across Woking. Football encourages children to develop teamwork skills and build friendships as well as improving in confidence and demonstrating the importance of communication.

Thank you to Mr Cooke and the other PE staff for organising and attending these events. Keep your eyes peeled for our girls’ football festival, coming in March 2019!