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Greenfield School


Double Victory at Woking Music Festival

Starting with the Orchestra and finishing with the Chamber Choir, Greenfield pupils worked hard to deliver show-stopping performances and achieve consecutive wins at the 2018 Woking Music Festival.

We achieved great success at the annual Woking Music Festival which took place throughout November. The competition welcomes people of all ages and abilities and is a celebration of the musical and literary vitality of Woking and the surrounding area.

The Orchestra, comprised of ten children from years three to six, performed at the festival on Monday 12th November. They were commended on their playing and were awarded First Place, winning The A G Walker Cup.

Going from strength to strength, the following evening, The Chamber Choir were awarded First Place, winning The Millennium Shield. The choir, containing twelve children from years four to six sang beautifully against four other strong entries. They tackled the Latin carol, ‘Quem Pastores Laudevere’ with a lovely classical tone and then finished their performance with Billy Joel’s ‘And So It Goes’. The adjudicator, Mr Adrian Goss, commented on the togetherness and musicality of the choir and for the second year in a row, Greenfield were awarded First Place.

On top of these incredible achievements, Gabriel Gritten from Year 3 won the Kathleen Grainger cup (primary category ages 7-9) on Saturday 17th November!

Mrs Reeve was pleased with the children's performances as they had worked diligently in rehearsals and their performances reflected this. It was such a great opportunity for the children to watch and listen to other talented musicians. 

Pupils had worked hard to deliver show-stopping performances which would impress and inspire the audience. It was a bonus that they managed to wow the judges and bring home two victories as well!