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Greenfield School

Autumn Term 2016


Date Team Opponent Location Time Score Report
Wednesday 14th September U11 A&B Claremont Fan Court Away 2.15pm B team: 6 - 0 win Report
Friday 16th September U8/9 Woodcote House Away 3.00pm Cancelled  
Wednesday 21st September U11 C&D Longacre Away 2.30pm    
  U11 A&B Longacre Home (WLC) 2.10pm

A team: 12-5 win

B team: 7-4 win



  U9 B   Home (WLC) 2.10pm 12-7 win Report
Thursday 22nd September U9 A&C Longacre Away 2.30pm    
Thursday 29th September U9 A,B, C & D Ripley Court Away 2.30pm

A team: 1 - 2 win

B team: 7 - 0 loss

C team:  5 - 1 loss

Wednesday 5th October U11 A,B & C Ripley Court Away 2.30pm

A team: 3 - 2 loss

B team: 4 - 0 loss

D team: 2 - 0 loss




Wednesday 12th October U11 A&B Woodcote House Home (WLC) 2.10pm    
  U11 C Lyndhurst Away 2.15pm    
Thursday 3rd November U8/9 Claremont Fan Court Away 2.15pm 5 - 0 loss Report
Wednesday 16th November U11 A&B Barfield Away 2.30pm A team: 1 - 0 loss Report
Thursday 17th November U9 A&B Barfield Away 2.05pm    
Thursday 24th November U8/9 A Ripley Court Away 2.30pm    
  U9 A&B St Andrew's Away 2.30pm    


Date Team Opponent Location Time Score Report
Wednesday 21st September U10 A&B Longacre Away 2.30pm 1 - 6 win Report
Wednesday 28th September U11 Longacre Home (GFS) 2.15pm 5 - 1 win Report
Thursday 6th October U8/9 Coworth-Flexlands Away 2.30pm    
Friday 7th October U8

U8 Captain Snows Trophy,

Woodcote House

Away 2.15pm    
Wednesday 12th October U11 Lyndhurst Away 2.15pm    
Monday 7th November U11 A & B International School of London Away 2.30pm    
Wednesday 9th November U10 & U11 Barfield Away 2.30pm U10s:  4 - 1 loss Report
Thursday 10th November U9 Barfield Away 2.05pm 9 - 1 loss Report
Tuesday 29th November U9 A & B International School of London Away 2.30pm

4  - 0 loss

Wednesday 30th November U11 Coworth-Flexlands Away 2.30pm    
Wednesday 7th December

U11 A & U10 B

Ripley Court Away 2.30pm    


Date Event Team Hosts Location Time Report
Friday 23rd September Football Festival U9 Cranleigh Prep Away 11.30-3.30 Report
Monday 3rd October Cross Country U11 &  U9 Ripley Court Away 2pm Report
Thursday 13th October Multiskills U9 Barfield Away 2.10pm  
Friday 4th November Swimming Competition U11 & U10 Barfield Away 3.10pm  
Friday 11th November Football Tournament U7 Longacre Away 2pm Report
Wednesday 7th December Challenge Match U11 boys Barfield Away 2pm  
Thursday 8th December End Ball & Challenge Match U9 b&g Barfield Away 2.05pm