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Greenfield School

Music and Drama

Music and Drama is a big part of life at Greenfield. We believe that these subjects provide children with many skills and attributes that will assist them in their futures.

From their very first day, children are introduced to music by the Director of Music. At the earliest possible stage, children are introduced to notation and begin to learn how to read music. In Year 1, children learn the recorder in their music lessons, which is followed by the ukulele in Year 2. Also in Year 2, children have two terms of small group tuition on the violin or viola and in Year 3 children are introduced to the trumpet. All of this is included in the music curriculum and comes at no extra charge. This programme is designed to encourage children to identify where their musical strengths lie and to inspire them to pursue music throughout their education.

Individual music lessons are available, at an additional cost, and we have a selection of excellent peripatetic music professionals who teach the children during the school day. Whilst some children learn to play an instrument purely for enjoyment, many will work toward sitting exams in order to achieve recognised grades.

There are several opportunities for children to perform throughout the year and those who are passionate about the Arts will have the chance to show the Greenfield community all they can offer in the Christmas concert, Spring Concert, Year group assemblies, annual plays, instrumental recitals and more.

Even in Pre-Prep, the children are used to standing on stage and speaking or singing aloud to an audience. In Reception the children are often given greater opportunity to narrate performances and have several opportunities to do so throughout their Reception year. Every year, Years 1 and 2, Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6 put on a production to parents, friends and family. These are exciting events for everyone involved and by the time they are in Year 6 the children are well-versed at the various requirements to putting on a stage performance. Many Greenfield children also work towards their LAMDA grades with group or solo LAMDA lessons available during school hours.

As part of one of the Junior or Senior Choirs, children perform in the Christmas and Spring Concerts as well as any other opportunities that arise throughout the year. The Chamber Choir has the additional commitment of taking part in various competitions and charity events throughout the year, and have recently won a few prestigious awards.

Greenfield pupils have gone on to achieve great things in music and drama, with a string of scholarships in both subjects adorning our honours boards. We are always delighted to see how these skills develop as our past pupils join their senior schools.