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Greenfield School


Whether your child transitions into Reception from Robins class or they join us from another local nursery or pre-school, they will benefit from the superb facilities and teaching on offer in our Pre-Prep department. 

For many children, Reception is the beginning of full-time education and it is a milestone in their young lives. It is for this reason that we believe the Reception year should be full of happy memories, for both the children and their parents. Regular communication between home and school ensures that new experiences and achievements are shared, and our staff record each child’s progress for parents to view via the Tapestry platform.

The educational foundation that children receive in Reception is integral to their progress as they mature. Learning the correct way to grip a pencil, memorising phonics and tricky words are all focuses of this important year. We follow the Early Years curriculum and it is delivered in an exciting and engaging way that often takes children out of the classroom. On 'Fantastic Friday' Reception children participate in practical and exciting activities which consolidate the week's learning; be it using weight and fractions in a cooking lesson, recalling spellings in ICT or reminding each other of how to be their best self in a team-building exercise, we always endeavour to make school a fun place to be.

Throughout Greenfield School, we have high staff numbers which allows progress in the classroom to be focused and often rapid. Reception is no exception to this. Teaching is adapted to suit the needs of each individual child and this allows every child the opportunity to progress quickly.

“The outcomes for children in the EYFS are excellent. The children make rapid progress relative to their individual starting points. They concentrate well on their given tasks. They enjoy investigating the extremely rich range of resources and use their imagination well when exploring both their indoor and outdoor environments. They are extremely active learners and are creative in their thinking.”

– ISI Inspection report March 2016

The high number of staff also has a direct impact on the level of pastoral care our children receive. Every child is known to each member of staff and Reception children also benefit from being part of a department made up of Early Years specialists. Reception children at Greenfield are the eldest children in their department but some of the youngest in the school, which allows them to take on roles of responsibility as well as receiving guidance from others.

In Reception, children are taught by subject-specialist teachers for Physical Education, Music and Spanish. They also have access to all of the school’s facilities and benefit from the well-resourced departments throughout the school.

Your child’s year in Reception will disappear in a flash; consumed in a whirlwind of projects, art work, trips, performances, clubs, reading, writing and role play. But most of all it will be a happy year, where your baby transforms into a proper little person with thoughts and opinions all of their own. At Greenfield, we aim to give every child the happiest start to their education, all without them realising they are being educated at all!

To view the school for yourself, please do not hesitate to contact us.