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In accordance with the government guidelines, please see a full school risk assessment and policy updates to view below (updated for September 2021).

Protective Measures Risk Assessment for the opening of Greenfield School during the Covid-19 pandemic

Click on the risks to view the mitigation and protective measures in place.

risk a: Awareness of and adherence to policies and procedures 

  • Health and Safety Policy has been updated in light of the COVID-19 advice
  • All staff are aware of the procedures including, but not limited to, Health and Safety, Infection Control, First Aid and Behaviour Policy
  • All pupils are aware of the new procedures and reminded at the start of every day
  • Parents are made aware of the new procedures for infection control in relation to the coronavirus via letter and the website. They are aware that they must not send their child to school if their child develops coronavirus symptoms or if another member of their household develops coronavirus symptoms. In both these circumstances the parents should call the school to inform of this and that they will be following the stay at home guidance.
  • Pupils are made aware of the school’s infection control procedures in relation to coronavirus and are informed that they must tell a member of staff if they begin to feel unwell.
  • Staff and pupil confidentiality is followed at all times – this includes withholding the names of staff and pupils with either confirmed or suspected cases of coronavirus.

risk b: Implementing social distancing 

  • Social distancing amongst children is no longer required in school and children do not need to be kept in year group bubbles unless it is deemed that the school has a significant outbreak of the coronavirus (see Contingency Plan below).
  • Classrooms and communal areas will be cleaned throughout the day.
  • All classrooms and teaching areas will be cleaned thoroughly at the end of every day and once all staff and pupils have left the building.
  • Children will wear PE kit to school on the days that they have PE lessons to avoid changing in school.
  • Any visitors to school, such as therapists or prospective parents will be asked to follow the school’s hygiene and handwashing procedures and take an LFT test before arriving at school. The taking of LFTs will be reviewed after the Government’s review at the end of September 2021.

risk c: Hygiene Practice 

- Frequently wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and dry thoroughly.

- Clean their hands after sneezing or coughing.

- Are encouraged not to touch their mouth, eyes or nose.

- Use a tissue, or elbow, to cough or sneeze and use bins for tissue waste (‘catch it, bin it, kill it’).

  • Children wash their hands immediately after entering their classroom, before and after using school equipment (such as PE equipment or school bicycles and scooters), after using the toilet, before and after lunch, when re-entering their classroom and when moving to a different room such as the Art room. Handwashing is supervised by staff.
  • Staff follow the same rigorous handwashing requirements.
  • Bar soap is not used, in line with Infection Control guidance – liquid soap dispensers are in every classroom.
  • Classrooms use bins with lids and these are emptied throughout the day.
  • Surfaces that children and staff touch are cleaned more regularly than usual.
  • Cleaners employed by Greenfield carry out daily thorough cleaning that follows the national guidance and is compliant with COSHH and Health and Safety Policy.
  • Additional cleaning is carried out by members of the caretaking team throughout the day.

risk d: Ill Health 

  • Staff are informed of the symptoms of possible coronavirus infection, e.g. a cough, difficulty breathing and high temperature, and are kept up to date with national guidance about he signs, symptoms and transmission of coronavirus.
  • If a child, or member of their family, becomes unwell in any way, or has symptoms of coronavirus, they child will not attend school until it is confirmed that there is no case of coronavirus.
  • A child with any of the symptoms of the coronavirus must take a PCR test before returning to school.
  • A member of staff, or child who has been identified as having been in ‘close contact’ by the Government Track and Trace must take a PCR test and report any positive test results to the school.
  • Any child who becomes unwell is immediately referred to a member of the Senior Leadership Team and moved to the Medical Room whist they wait for their parents to collect them. Children with coronavirus symptoms should not come into contact with other pupils and as few staff as possible, whilst ensuring the child is safe.
  • The parents of an unwell child are informed by the school as soon as possible.
  • The Medical Room is thoroughly cleaned once vacated by an ill child.

risk e: Spread of infection 

  • Spillages of bodily fluids, e.g. respiratory and nasal discharges are cleaned up immediately in line with guidance from: 
  • Parents are not to bring their children to school, or even on the school premises, if they show signs of being unwell.
  • Children who have a positive PCR result must self-isolate for 10 days from the first symptom, or the date of the PCR test, whichever is first.
  • Track and Trace will contact anyone who they feel has been in close contact and advise on next steps.
  • Greenfield will have an adaptable contingency plan should the number of cases within the school become a concern.

risk f: Management of infectious diseases 

  • Staff are vigilant and report concerns about a child’s symptoms to a member of the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Greenfield is consistent in its approach to the management of suspected and confirmed cases of coronavirus (as above).
  • The Bursar monitors the cleaning standards of the school cleaning contractors and discusses any additional measures required with regards to managing the spread of coronavirus.

risk G: Communication 

  • Children, parents or any visitors such as suppliers are told not to enter the premises if they are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus (following guidance from:
  • Staff should inform Mrs Botting immediately about any suspected cases of coronavirus, even if they are unsure.
  • Greenfield keeps parents, pupils and staff adequately updated about any changes to infection control procedures as necessary.
  • Mrs Botting informs parents if any changes are needed to the arrangements and current provision to ensure the safety of the pupils, staff and parents. This is done with as much notice as possible.

risk H: Emergencies 

  • All children’s emergency contact details are up to date, including alternative emergency contact details where required.
  • Children’s parents are contacted as soon as practicable in the event of an emergency.
  • Children’s alternative contacts are called where their primary emergency contact cannot be contacted. Emergency contacts must be in close proximity to the school to ensure that a child can be collected as quickly as possible.

Contingency plan

  • It may become necessary to reintroduce measures again, such as bubbles, should the number of cases within the school, or a year group, start to increase rapidly. The measures taken will be decided by the Senior Leadership Team, with advice from PHE if required, and will be communicated to the parents at the earliest opportunity.

Our current policies are available for you to read below. 

For a complete list of our policies please contact the school office.