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Greenfield School


Comic Relief 2021

On the 19th March 2021 our Year 6 students organised and facilitated a fantastic day to raise money for Comic Relief.

The children at Greenfield take part in a Global Citizenship Award and as part of that endeavour, they organised and run a charity event of their choice. This year they have excelled themselves by encouraging 100% of students to take part in Mufti and Crazy Hair Day with some wonderfully creative results!

Meng-Yao Ai and Saachi Rajani in Year 6 have written the following about why they have chosen to run this event:

“When you’re feeling happy, it’s hard to feel sad! Think of the people who are less fortunate than you – the homeless for example, I wonder how often they feel bad?

Some children don’t get presents on their special day or at Christmas, there will be no hidden chocolate bunnies in their garden for Easter. When we are celebrated, and get to celebrate, we must remember how lucky we are.

Donate some money, even a small amount, remember that every penny counts!

Help the children by dressing up or trying a crazy hair,

Help comic relief, spread kindness everywhere.”

Myeesha Zaki in Year 6 painted a beautiful picture and wrote a poem to help enthuse the younger students whilst the other students composed emails, collected and counted money, chose prize winners and ensured the whole school embraced the event.

Billy Kelly, a Grammy Award nominated Family Entertainer spread joy and laughter throughout every classroom in his Comedy performance over Zoom – the perfect end to a hilarious day.