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Greenfield School

10 Ways That Greenfield Connects With Its Community

How does Greenfield School build and uphold its close community? Here are 10 ways that we connect with each other throughout the school year.

  1. Class Assemblies

Regular Class Assemblies provide an opportunity for parents to come into school and participate in an important aspect of school life. As well as seeing what their children have been working on at school, this gives parents an opportunity to visit the school, speak with the teachers and, most importantly, see their little star shine!

  1. Native Tongue Reading Sessions

Celebrating diversity is a key part of our ethos at Greenfield and hosting native tongue reading sessions is just one of the ways we bring our wonderful community together. Parents are invited to the school for a morning of storytelling, using their native tongues. Our most recent session included stories in Spanish, Polish, Greek, Arabic and Kannada. Read more about the Native Tongue Reading sessions here.


  1. Literacy and Numeracy Workshops

As children progress from nursery into our main school, maintaining close communication between teachers and parents is vital. For our Early Years and Lower School children (Robins to Year 2) we host regular Literacy and Numeracy workshops in their classrooms. These hour-long sessions give the opportunity for parents to: see their child’s work and what they get up to in the classroom; speak to the teachers and gain valuable insight into their child’s learning and development; and come away with plenty of practical ideas to support their child’s learning at home.

  1. In Residence Series

Our ‘In Residence’ initiative aims to make the most of the diverse range of skills and expertise held by the parents of Greenfield children; providing enriching sessions for the children to interact with an expert in a particular field. As part of Oral Hygiene week, we invited a practising dentist to come and speak to the children in a hands-on session packed with a wealth of knowledge. Another session saw an expert in the film industry speak to the children about the inner-workings of the film industry – providing a real-life perspective into different career paths.

  1. Working Together

Like a family, we turn to each other in times of need and this often presents opportunities to bring the community together. As Confucius once said – many hands make light work! From artists helping with our incredible stage productions, to mysterious figures accommodating a Santa visit every year, to an overwhelming display of generosity when it came to helping with our Big Move back in 2019, there is always an opportunity to be an intrinsic part of Greenfield’s day-to-day running, and we are so grateful to have such generous families as part of the Greenfield Community.

  1. Grandparents’ Assemblies

Our grandparents, whether biological, adoptive or chosen, play such an important part in the development of young people, but their quiet, unwavering support can sometimes go unrecognised. To celebrate all those who act as a grandparent, we host a Grandparents’ Assembly. In what began as a virtual event during the pandemic, this is now enjoyed via Zoom through choice, so that we can reach a far wider range of attendees, many from overseas, who may not have been able to attend. A compilation of film showing grand-parental advice is aired for all to enjoy. Watching the beautiful interactions is always a joy for everyone involved; conversations range from tear-jerkingly poignant to a particular brand of silliness one can only hope for from a grandad! Watch a few highlights of the 2020 assembly here or watch some of this year's assembly below. 


  1. Little School – Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

Little School enjoy hosting events throughout the year and, most recently, invited parents to a sunny Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea in the Fledglings playground, complete with delicious treats made by our Chef. Not only do these events provide Little School staff with a chance to connect with parents, but they also allow families to meet and speak to each other, beyond the usual “hello/goodbye” at the school gates.

  1. Spectators at Fixtures

We love to welcome families to watch our home fixtures. It is such a privilege to have the space to enable supporters on the sidelines, and we continue to revel in the opportunities our new home provides us. Whether it’s a friendly football fixture or large inter-schools tournament, we welcome support from our families, as do the children! With regular fixtures and high-octane tournaments, there is always an opportunity to cheer from the sidelines and chat to other parents – if you have any breath left!

  1. FroGS events

The Friends of Greenfield School (FroGS) play a huge part in our community, through a packed social calendar and fundraising events for the school. From a Quiz and Curry Night, an outdoor Family Festival, and a glittering Summer Ball, there is always an opportunity on the horizon to get your glad rags on and break bread in the community. Through the generous support of our FroGS, we are fortunate to have been bestowed some outstanding filming equipment for school plays, VR goggles with an incredible range of uses, and the occasional visit from an ice cream van on the field!

  1. Plays and performances

Seeing your child perform on stage is an unmissable part of their educational journey, and we delight in being able to provide this experience for our families. Every child at Greenfield has regular opportunities to perform, whether that be as part of a musical performance on stage, presenting their work at a film festival or participating in workshops, debates or other public speaking events. The children benefit enormously from these opportunities, and it is always a joy to watch parents’ faces and their child takes to the stage.

With an incredibly skilled Music and Performing Arts department, we are proud to receive comments like the one below:

Congratulations on an amazing Year 4 concert. I am in awe of their courage and talent. It was the greatest joy to see [our daughter] having the confidence to put on that performance; I can’t quite believe she is the same little girl who we delivered to you crying on her first days, logged off several times in lockdown out of fear of speaking, and was the only child in her last school without a line in the Christmas play due to her shyness. All of the children at Greenfield are an absolute credit to themselves and the school, but I just wanted to let you know that I am so appreciative for what you as individuals, and collectively as a school, are doing for them.

Thank you so much.