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Greenfield School


All-Round Achievement

We are thrilled to share the news of these fantastic achievements earned by our Year 6 children as they approach the end of their prep school education.

Exam Preparation during Lockdown

It is fair to say that this year’s Year 6 have had a more difficult build up to exam season than most. The last two years of their prep school education has been punctuated with lockdowns, bubbles and disappointment, whilst the expectations from senior schools have arguably increased. The children, like all of us, have had to deal with restricted freedom and postponement of many enjoyable activities and trips, which usually provide much-needed release from the pressure of looming exams. Despite all of this, the children have rallied. They have bolstered themselves and each other, and worked tirelessly to put their best selves forward. We could not be prouder of the way they have handled themselves during such a difficult and unpredictable time.

A Diverse Range of Offers

The Year 6 cohort of 37 children received 67 offers from 27 different schools, ranging from highly selective academic day schools to those with specialisms in specific curriculum areas, IB programmes, boarding provision and special educational needs. Greenfield is proud to be academically non-selective and able to share in the successes of all its pupils. We believe that our senior school results are the best marker of our success in helping each individual achieve their potential, whether that be higher-order thinking, mastering a vocational skill or anything in-between.

Scholarship Success

This year, we have been particularly awed by the outcome of the scholarship applications. Not only have these children earned a place at their chosen school against very stiff competition (applications for local schools are at an all-time high), but they have then performed exceptionally during rigorous scholarship selection processes in order to be recognised with a scholarship, award or exhibition.

Of particular note is the range of scholarships, covering all available disciplines at the schools to which they applied.

Discipline Scholarship, Exhibition and Award Offers

St George's College, Weybridge

King Edward's School, Witley

LVS, Ascot

Salesian College



King Edward's School, Witley

The Royal School (Exhibition)


Box Hill School x2 

King Edward's School, Witley

Sir William Perkins's School x2

Head's Recognition Box Hill School

St Catherine's Bramley (Award) x2

King Edward's School, Witley


Performing Arts

LVS, Ascot

Sport Reed's School (Exhibition)

Click here to see the full results for 2022, 2021 and prior.

Now that the exam period is over and the children can start looking forward to their exciting new chapters, focus at school moves away from academic prep and looks to extend the children’s learning even further with opportunities beyond the curriculum.

Final Days at Greenfield

Dragon’s Den, Bikability, Performing Arts Certificates, Debating, Latin and Greek Culture, Design, Construction, and Sports Leadership Certificates are just a few of the incredible opportunities the children benefit from in their final few weeks of prep school, (not to mention two residential trips to Bushcraft and UKSA Isle of Wight). Although great fun in their own right, these activities are all designed to allow the children to extend their understanding of academic subjects through practical, pupil-led learning. Team work, collaboration and compromise feature highly on the list of aims for these projects and provide our children with an insight into senior school and the working world beyond.

Greenfield pupils are often complimented for their maturity, out-of-the-box thinking and ability to problem-solve. Not only have they been supported in the classroom and taught how to achieve on paper, they are emerging as young adults with the self-awareness and confidence to go into the world and show them who they are and what they can do. We look forward to hearing about all the wonderful things they will, no doubt, go on to achieve.

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