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Greenfield School


Student Champions

This week we launched our Student Champions scheme - offering extra support for children who may be feeling worried.

Although lockdown gave us additional time with our families and a chance to embrace a different pace of life, being at home for such a long time has meant that some children may be feeling a little apprehensive about being at school again.

At Greenfield, we want children to feel able to share their worries so that they don’t feel burdened by them. With this in mind, this week we launched our “Student Champions” scheme.

The Student Champions are a selection of teachers and Year 6 pupils who are passionate about helping people and offering a listening ear. The children will be able to identify these people as the teachers have “Student Champion” signs on their classroom doors and the Year 6 pupils wear special badges.

At any time, children can approach a student champion to share their worries and ask for help. This may be for anything from falling out with a friend to concerns about homework or exams.

As well as being on hand throughout the school day, every Tuesday breaktime student champions will be gathered in the forest school and the atrium library to offer a listening ear to anyone who needs it.

The Year 6 pupils jumped at the chance to support their peers by becoming Student Champions. The children put together a video which was shown to all pupils in the school, explaining why they have chosen to become Student Champions. One Year 6 pupil said: “Helping people gives them a better life and it helps you be a better person.” Another said she was volunteering for the scheme because she “want[s] everyone at Greenfield to have someone to talk to”. A third pupil said: “I like seeing people thrive and succeed and I want to help people reach this point.” 

We hope that lots of children will feel able to approach a student champion and ask for help when they are feeling worried or upset about something. We are looking forward to navigating this new term together and helping each other to feel positive and happy.