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Greenfield School


We believe that happy children will learn and that happy children lead to happy parents! Here are some testimonials from some current and past parents.


Parent of children in Year 1 and Year 4, November 2021: 

[Our youngest son who started in November] has settled so quickly and his teacher is very calm and reassuring about his progress as he’s so young for the year... He seems to know half the school already!

[Our eldest son] is also so happy, and his teacher is extremely helpful in helping him address some of his worries and frustrations... It is so reassuring to see a school address issues like this so well, so that the children get used to talking about their feelings and worries at a young age.

Parent of Year 4 child, October 2021:

Congratulations on an amazing Year 4 concert. I am in awe of their courage and talent.

It was the greatest joy to see [our daughter] having the confidence to put on that performance; I can’t quite believe she is the same little girl who we delivered to you crying on her first days, logged off several times in lockdown out of fear of speaking, and was the only child in her last school without a line in the Christmas play due to her shyness.

All of the children at Greenfield are an absolute credit to themselves and the school, but I just wanted to let you know that I am so appreciative for what you as individuals, and collectively as a school, are doing for them.

Thank you so much.

Parent of new starter children in Reception and Year 3, September 2021: 

We have been hugely impressed by the warmth and professionalism shown by your staff — from the moment they arrive at Kiss and Drop to the time they leave... greeting the children or saying goodbye at the end of the day sends such a strong message to the children that their school is a place where they are welcome and can feel safe.

[Our son in Reception] seems totally relaxed and is loving all the activities in Reception and comes home with a huge smile on his face every day.

[Our son in Year 3] is showing no resistance to school and is having a go at things that would have been unthinkable weeks ago. The fact he is competing in sports fixtures and singing in the concert fills us with joy!

We believe [that his] growing self-esteem and positive attitude is due to the learning environment that Greenfield provides. His teachers are taking the time to get to know him and inspiring him with their lessons and gradually rebuilding his confidence. We’ve also had the opportunity to walk through school twice now during the school day and both times [we] have been hugely impressed by the energy and “buzz”... We look forward to seeing them achieve their potential and being involved with Greenfield for many years to come.

Parent of Year 4 child and Robins (Early Years) child, July 2021: 

As we come to the end of yet another strange school year, we would like to thank you and the entire Greenfield team for the splendid job you have done. We are short of words in expressing our gratitude and appreciation for everything the school has provided. From keeping the children safe, to being transparent and communicating to us parents, to making it so convenient for drop-offs, pick-ups and even arranging lessons in self-isolation, making sure children have their normal school life - Sports Day, residential trips, quality education - you have managed it all! This can only be achieved by a team that works with dedication and round the clock, and we commend you for that. 

Thank you and each and every member of staff of Greenfield for making our children feel comfortable and safe while enjoying their education.

Parent of Reception child, July 2021:

I wanted to pass on our deepest thanks to you and all the team at Greenfield for managing to deliver such a good year for [our son] despite the many obstacles thrown in the way. The progress he has made under the watchful eye of [his teacher] and her support team is huge and a real achievement against adversity — thank you.

Thank you to those who also supported [his teacher]  in the classroom and the unsung heroes around the school. There are too many to mention them all but certainly the chaps at the gate helping keep traffic moving in all weather, the chef who cooks such lovely food that [our son] seems to scoff and love, the TAs in the classroom for keeping things going, helping the children and generally being awesome. All absolutely wonderful.

 Finally, huge thank you for the hard work in keeping the school open and functioning in such a well-organised manner, with happy staff and even happier children.

Grandparent of Year 2 child during COVID-19 lockdown, Spring 2021:

...You have a wonderful teaching team and a very fine school with above all your children doing you considerable credit. I read recently that our current Prime Minister had said that he was in awe of the parents in lockdown — in reality he missed a trick because it is the teachers that have carried lockdown with great skill and considerable patience. Balancing the equation of keeping pupils engaged with interesting content and making sure that each is involved as much as is possible in a 'Zoom' environment is indeed a skill.

Parent of Year 4 child during COVID-19 lockdown, Spring 2021:

I have to thank you, the senior leadership team and all the staff.  I have such deep gratitude and respect for all that the Greenfield team does, for the hours that the teachers have put in, for the changes they have made, for the wonderful positive feedback they give, for bringing some sort of normality to our children’s lives.  I marvel at how well these young people adapt and don’t bat an eyelid at setting up for a Zoom saxophone lesson.  We may think it is a very hard time for them at the moment, but wait until they are young adults running this country — they are going to be a force to be reckoned with; no obstacles will get in their way, and they will be ready for anything. 

You and your staff are responsible for instilling such remarkable strengths in our/your children.

Senior School Head, December 2018:

Just a note to thank you once again for the quality of your references for Greenfield pupils registered with us this time.  They are always the best we get: informative, incredibly useful for us in contextualising pupils’ situations and really embodying how well you as a school know each individual, your fondness for them and that you have a plan for each and everybody; all of which of course reflects brilliantly on Greenfield and your team too.

Parent of Year 6 leaver, July 2017:

Everyone at Greenfield has instilled such confidence and self-esteem into our daughter.  She grew up massively in the first week [at senior school] as she had the confidence to ask questions, approach staff and sort herself out.  She has been beyond prepared academically; the learning has just quietly occurred whilst she has embraced the other aspects of school.

I can not thank Greenfield enough and [our daughter] will always have such fond, happy memories of her time with you.

Parent of Year 5 pupil, 2017/18:

It is exactly a year since we moved [our son] over to Greenfield and I just wanted to say how delighted we are about our decision.

I was over the moon last night following parents evening not just because of how well [he] is doing but also because of the investment each member of staff is making in him.

Every teacher I spoke to clearly knows and values him, is very willing to work with him to progress in various ways (not just academically) and with the extension classes, ABC class, [various clubs] and invitation to the agit8 group he is having additional, varied and inventive support every day!

Parent of Year 5 pupil, 2016/17:

This School year has been an extremely happy one for [my daughter]... her love of learning has grown again this year. I can honestly say that she has never been happier!

Parents of Year 6 leaver, July 2017

We’re absolutely delighted with [our son's] progress at [senior school] and would like to share this fantastic news with you.

He’s been elected to the School Council, became a School Photographer, participates in all extracurricular activities and signs up to represent the school everywhere he can, which he’s very proud of...sometimes we don’t see him until 8.30pm!  

On the academic side we couldn’t be prouder — his half term report was excellent... He’s beaming with happiness and his confidence is growing.

We feel we owe you and all of [our son's] teachers and teaching assistants a debt of gratitude for getting him to such a high level and helping him develop a fantastic attitude to learning which he will always benefit from.

His brilliant progress is the clearest testimony that even only two years of quality teaching can make a life changing difference.