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5 Reasons Why Year 6 is the BEST!

"What do Year 6 children get up to after their exams are over with?", we hear you ask. Read on to discover some highlights of our Year 6 post-exam curriculum. (Although, if you are a grown-up, it's probably best to stop reading now. It may well make you wish you were 11 years old again).

1. Residential trips to Bushcraft and UKSA in Cowes

What better way to blow-off steam after the pressure of exams than to get away from school entirely and learn exciting new skills in a new place? During two week-long escapes, Year 6 children learn how to fend for themselves in the great outdoors during their Bushcraft and UK Sailing Academy trips.

Learning survival skills both on land and at sea, the children are given the opportunity to gain independence and adventure out into the great outdoors in a way they perhaps never have before. Making their own food, building their own shelters and working as a team to ensure everyone succeeds. There are so many lessons to learn but a great deal more fun to be had!

A cosy home in the wilderness at Bushcraft!


2. Dragon’s Den

A firm favourite of the post-exam curriculum is the Dragon’s Den series. In a new twist, the children now pitch for actual investment from our terrifying Dragons! Lessons were learned this year when not all the children received the full investment but, as they discovered, frugality at the front end actually boosted their profits and meant that their chosen charities gained even more from the process.

Formulating an idea, agreeing marketing strategy, manufacturing, sales and financial plans are all part of the initial process. During a tense pitch to the Dragons the children ask for investment of up to £50, which they must aim to return after they have sold their produce at the school’s Marketplace. A crash course in business studies for the under 12s and brilliant fun for all involved!

Woking, Surrey, Prep, School, Dragons Den, Enterprise, Business
The hustle and bustle of the Dragon's Den Marketplace.


3. Design and Make Projects

These projects present multiple opportunities for the children to let their imaginations run wild. They are challenged to design and make models of a new fairground ride and, in a separate project, a board game suitable for Year 3 children. These projects, completed as a group, encourage out-of-the-box thinking whilst learning to consider practicality, safety, engineering limitations, resources and ease of use.

The school’s dedicated Design and Technology Room, as well as our new Multimedia Suite, are put to very good use as the children bring their designs to life. Through rigorous testing, they are encouraged to adjust and improve their ideas to ensure that their models are as user-friendly as possible.

Woking Prep School STEM STEAM
Team work makes the dream work!

4. Bonus Qualifications

In addition to the Instrumental, Dance, Sport, Swimming and other grading certificates many of our children have earned by age 11, we help them to acquire some further qualifications designed to encourage them to continue to challenge themselves as they enter their teenage years. Bikeability, Junior Citizenship, Sports Leaders Award and Performance Certificates are earned by our Year 6 children throughout their final year at Greenfield, promoting public speaking, confidence, determination, exercise, resilience, communication, negotiation skills, and much more!

Woking Surrey Prep School
The poor weather couldn't deter this group from donning their hi-vis!


5. The BIG Production

Without doubt, one of the highlights of the year for the entire school, Year 6 never fail to astonish their peers, parents and teachers with their talents at this big, all-singing, all-dancing production.

With the new Performing Arts department housed in the extension, the children won’t be short of spaces to perform and rehearse as they prepare for their swan song performance in the summer. Break a leg, Year 6!

Year 6 Prep School Performing Arts Woking Surrey
Year 6 Performed Mary Poppins back in 2019
We c​​​​​​an't wait to be back on stage again in 2022!