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Top 10 Events of 21/22 at Greenfield


After a year full of changes, celebration, returns to old traditions and embracing new ones, we stepped back and looked at 10 standout moments of the whirlwind year we had during 2021/2022.


10. Scholar's Recital

In February, our Year 6 Music, Drama and Performing Arts scholars put on an outstanding recital for their parents. Showcasing a variety of scholars including poets, singers, dancers, actors and musicians, we were blown away by the talent on display that evening. 

9. World Book Day

In 2020, we were at home undertaking virtual learning. In 2021, somehow, we found ourselves in a Spring lockdown once again! In 2022, we were finally able to enjoy a World Book Day in all its glory, as children and staff got to blow off the dust from their book character outfits that they had planned for over 2 years. 



See the full gallery here. 

8. Year 6 Results

With scholarships and exhibitions awarded in Music, Sport, Performing Arts, Art, Academia as well as Head's Recognition, we celebrated all-round achievement when our Year 6 results came back.  Emerging from a difficult 2 years, our Year 6 children head off to 27 different schools in September, and we wish them all the best in the next chapter of their education. 

All-Round Achievement

All-Round Achievement We are thrilled to share the news of these fantastic achievements earned by our Year 6 children as they approach the end of their prep school education.

7. Greenfield's Got Talent

After being voted winners of their individual heats, 13 dazzling acts were nominated to perform in our rip-roaring annual variety show - Greenfield's Got Talent! With singers, dancers, musicians, comedians, magicians and one merry band of scientists, our incredible performers had us clapping and laughing until our hands were sore, and our sides were split!



See the full gallery here. 

6. Activities Week

A stand-out moment in any academic year, the children looked forward to Activities Week as we rounded off the first half of the summer term. With residential, school trips, workshops and visitors aplenty, we enjoyed a whole week of-timetable to enjoy a smorgasbord of exciting and enriching activities. 



See the full gallery here.  

5. Dragon's Den 

In March, our budding entrepreneurs in Year 6 delivered their sales pitches to our Dragon's Den in front of their parents, then carried out the finale of the challenge - the marketplace!

With each team raising money for a different charity, we are immensely proud to say that the children raised over £1000 across their chosen charities! Click the article below to see how they did it.

£1000 Raised In Dragon's Den 2022

£1000 Raised In Dragon's Den 2022 How did thirty-seven 11-year old children manage to raise over £1000 for charity, all by themselves?! A six-week challenge, a trio of fearsome Dragons and an endless supply of energy and creativity led our Year 6 children to success in this year’s Dragon’s Den project.

4. 12 Days of Greenfield

It may have been a labour of love, but the end product was worth it! In 2021 we wrote the "12 Days of Greenfield" which was dutifully sung by our senior choir, whilst almost everyone in the school got involved acting out the rest of the parts to create a Christmas video in typical Greenfield humour that we will look back on for years to come! If you're wondering, here is the final verse: 

12 drummers drumming, 11 typists typing, 10 Year 4s-a-leaping, 9 games advancing, 8 thinkers thinking, 7 swans-a-swimming, 6 babies sleeping, 5 'Big Sings', 4 Tricky Words, 3 forest dens, 2 unnamed gloves ... and Mr B drinking his tea!

4 (b) Greenfield Staff 12 Days of Christmas

... and enjoy our staff attempt a 12 days performance of their own - stay to the end for behind the scenes silliness!

3. Children's Festival 

 A fitting entry for number 3 on our countdown, our 3rd annual Children's Festival. With the day being all about promoting global citizenship and reducing inequalities, the children were asked to give presentations on childhood around the world, then participate in a children's parliament, covering a range of topics including wages, education and healthcare. With engaging guest speakers and interesting discussions, our aim was to empower children to understand how their influence can be a force for change in the world.

Greenfield Children's Festival 2022

Greenfield Children's Festival 2022 On Thursday 9th June, Greenfield School hosted its 3rd annual ‘Children’s Festival’. Children from preparatory schools across Surrey came together for a day of activities and discussions around the topics of equality and sustainability.

2. New Building 

One of the biggest events of this year happened when our children returned after their Easter holidays for the Summer Term - when we could finally start to use our brand-new extension building. With a vast new Sports Hall, a fully equipped Multimedia suite, a spacious new music room, an impressive dance studio and much more, the children's educational provision has been enriched in so many ways by our new facilities, and we continue to enjoy the limitless potential.

Honourable Mentions... 

Before we get to the number 1 spot, here are a few honourable mentions that almost made the list: 

Native Tongue Reading Sessions

Native Tongue Reading Sessions Regular ‘Native Tongue Reading’ storytelling has immeasurable benefits on Early Years children.


Loud Shirt Day

Loud Shirt Day On the 4th November 2021, Greenfield celebrated Loud Shirt Day.

Prioritising Childhood Mental Health

Prioritising Childhood Mental Health Nurturing a positive outlook and mental wellbeing is a core part of our approach at Greenfield. We consider how the shaping of a child’s primary education can nurture their mental health for years to come.


1. Prep School Of The Year!

Of course, our number 1 top spot has to be when Greenfield School received the incredible accolade of "Prep School of the Year" during the TES awards. We are so excited and honoured, we will probably be celebrating until next year! How did we make it to this point? Read our blog to discover more about our journey so far: 

Our Journey to Prep School of the Year

Our Journey to Prep School of the Year The last time we travelled to the TES Awards the trains were cancelled due to snowfall. Admittedly that was February 2019, but the journey to the TES Awards 2022 could not have been more different – and we don’t just mean the weather.

What will 2022/23 bring? One thing is for certain, at Greenfield no two years are the same, so stay tuned!


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