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Greenfield School

Upper School

Years 5 and 6

Upper School is where you will find our most senior pupils, most of whom will be working towards senior school entry examinations and scholarship applications. We work hard to maintain a balance between preparation and ensuring our children remain relaxed, happy and able to put their best selves forward when they attend school visits and interviews. 

Journey to Senior School

Senior School Heads often comment on the maturity of Greenfield pupils, which we attribute to our focus on the development of intellectual character as well as compassion, empathy and modesty. We believe that allowing children the freedom to explore a diverse curriculum helps to build effective and committed learners. Lessons are challenging, but this allows even our brightest pupils to work outside their comfort zone and develop a commitment to succeed.

Upper School Education

During Year 5, and the Autumn Term in Year 6, the timetable incorporates Verbal Reasoning to prepare children to sit their entrance examinations for senior schools at 11+. During the Summer Term in Year 5 and the Autumn Term in Year 6 children are monitored for their potential to earn a scholarship in Academia, Drama, Design & Technology, Music, Art and Sport.

For the last few years, all pupils leaving Year 6 have secured places at senior schools of their choice, many of which have high standards of entry, with a high proportion gaining scholarships. 

- ISI Inspection Report March 2016

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