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Preparing Scholars

The beauty of a school like Greenfield is that the skills and talents of the children are so broad and this has helped us to develop an exceptionally passionate body of staff who, in addition to their curriculum teaching, go above and beyond to ensure that those children with particular strengths are given the opportunity to excel.

Our talent programmes are designed to extend those pupils who show great aptitude in particular areas of the curriculum, such as Academia, Art, Music, Drama or Sport. We are passionate about offering these opportunities to all those children who stand to benefit from the extension and are proud to offer the following programmes at no additional charge.


The basis of almost every educational setting is academics and we believe that children with higher than average ability should benefit from the same challenge in lessons as every other child. This is why we are so passionate about differentiated teaching and why our split-group teaching for core subjects is so important.

In addition to this, our Aiming Higher Groups ensure children who excel in Mathematics or English are challenged further and given the opportunity to take their learning to the highest possible level. Classroom teaching is always differentiated and those children who are bright are stretched within their usual lessons, but Aiming Higher Group allows our teachers to test the boundaries of their understanding and often study at a level way beyond their chronological age.

The individualised attention that these children receive during Extension sessions allows them to explore unknown and often extremely challenging concepts in the security of a small bubble where there is always help on hand.

Academic scholarships are awarded by senior schools based on the outcome of their 11+ assessments. 

Art Scholars 

Our Art Scholars are pupils who have been identified by our Head of Art as having the potential to be successful in applying for an Art Scholarship at Senior School. Throughout their time in the Lower School, and even Early Years, the children’s potential is observed and, when entering Year 3, those with the passion and raw talent are invited to work towards an art portfolio to support any future scholarship applications. Our Head of Art works closely with the Departmental Heads at local senior schools to ascertain the level of accomplishment each school is looking for and she then uses this information to structure a programme that allows the Art Scholars to produce a portfolio of their best work, suitable for applying to their chosen school. 


RAD Ballet and ISTD Modern Dance is taught by a professionally trained teacher to all children in the Lower School. As well as this, Greenfield is fortunate enough to be situated just a few miles from two of the best dance schools in the country. Accordingly, we benefit from having outstanding dancers who are able to add value to the department. With more senior schools inviting applications from outstanding all-round performers, we like to encourage these children and give them a great deal of performance opportunities throughout the year.

Our dancers perform original and challenging choreography at our Remembrance Performance, Christmas Events, Spring Concert, Prize Giving, Scholars Recital and Performing Arts Assemblies which occur half termly. They also take part in Music and Dance Festivals and regularly successfully audition for productions at the Woking New Victoria Theatre with professional companies.

Dance students have gone on to be awarded places at the following schools:

  • White Lodge – Royal Ballet Junior School - 2016
  • Elmhurst Performing Arts School - 2017
  • Sylvia Young Theatre School – 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

design technology scholars

To have a specialist Design and Technology teacher and dedicated DT room within our school is something we never take for granted. The opportunities available to each and every pupil are endless and all of our children move onto senior school with substantial experience that many other children will not have benefitted from.

Whilst few senior schools currently offer Design and Technology based scholarships, our Head of DT identifies those children who have shown the potential to excel in this area and works with individuals to create a suitable portfolio of their work. We were very proud that one of our pupils successfully applied for a DT scholarship in 2018.

drama scholars

Each year we have a number of children who wish to undertake the preparation for a Drama Scholarship at senior school and these numbers increase year on year. Their preparation starts in Year 5 and includes the following:

  • Exploration of differing artists and playwrights through workshops, live performance and discussions.
  • Live Theatre performance opportunities including an organised trip to the West End.
  • Preparation of a portfolio to show their skills and insights and to build a profile of them as a performer.
  • Practice interviews with the Head of Drama from other schools.
  • Monologue preparation and performance at Festivals, Recitals and Workshops.
  • A group devised drama performance at the Woking Music Festival.
  • A Scholars Recital to celebrate the hard work of the children.


We have enjoyed a history of great success for Music Scholarships to competitive senior schools. Our musicians at Greenfield are notably committed, generous and driven young people who have chosen to enhance their talent through hard work. The children have a great deal of exposure to performance opportunities and a brilliantly varied curriculum and so are often successful in their applications. To enhance this further, our Scholars are offered this extra preparation:

  • A weekly, one to one Music Theory and Music Aural lesson.
  • A weekly group meeting to enhance musicianship.
  • Compulsory access to Senior Choir, Chamber Choir, Orchestra, Wind Band and House Band.
  • Live Orchestral performance opportunities including a trip to the Royal Albert Hall.
  • Entrance to solo and group performances at local Music Festivals.
  • Public Performances including recitals, concerts, festivals and celebrations.
  • Preparation of a portfolio to show their skills and insights and to build a profile of them as a performer.
  • Exploration of differing musicians and performers through workshops, live performance and discussions.
  • A Scholars Recital to celebrate the hard work of the children.

sports masters

In Years 3-6, Sports Masters are invited to attend lunchtime sessions with a member of the PE department who specialises in coaching a particular sport. We are very fortunate to have a brilliantly diverse PE department, each with their own passions and skills for netball, cricket, hockey, rugby, football and more. These teachers offer children who have shown promise in a particular sport the opportunity to benefit from some small group coaching and additional time on the sports field or court. This extra tuition offers the children specialised and focused coaching to ensure they make the best possible progress. It enables the children to get even more out of their timetabled PE lessons by ensuring they have tailored input from specialist teachers who equip them with techniques and offer individualised coaching that they can continue to work on during lessons, clubs and games.

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